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Bienvenidos. Welcome.

Born and raised in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, I have been able to travel and live in different places throughout my life. Today, I reside in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where I have been able to practice my photography in a world renown setting. Currently, I am constantly in between trips to the Caribbean and South America for different photography projects.

These images are meant to inspire and engage — to tell a story. My mission as a photojournalist is to be able to live my stories and show the truth to the world through my lens.

Recently, my work as the Project Director with the Manu Project has allowed me to illustrate my passion for visual storytelling through stories focused on the mosaic of indigenous cultures within Manu National Park in the Peruvian Amazon. These cultures who currently find themselves fighting to maintain their ancient knowledge and traditions against modernization. Learn more about this project on the Manu Project website here.

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